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  1. What does the name « Cardiff » mean?
  2. In which year did Cardiff become the capital of Wales?
  3. There is a statue of which historical figure in Cardiff’s City Hall, and why might some people find this surprising?
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  4. Which famous singer came from the area of Cardiff popularly known as Tiger Bay?
  5. When and where would you have seen real Cowboys and Indians in Cardiff?
  6. What is the link between Llandaff and the USA?
  7. What twinning « first » did Cardiff achieve?
  8. The first British news film ever recorded was of an vent in Cardiff in 1896. What was it?
  9. Which Cardiff-born footballer became the youngest player ever to be capped for Wales in 1991?
  10. In a survey in 1999 on « the best city in the UK in which to work », in which position did Cardiff come?

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  1. Here are our answers…

    1. Cardiff means « fort sur la Taf ». The Taf is a river. Cardiff comes from Caerdydd.
    2. It becomes the capital of Wales in 1955.
    3. It is Owen Gnendower, a writer?
    4. She is Shirley Bassey.
    5. We would have seen real cowboys and indians in 1903 in the streets of Gate away of India??
    6. We don’t know!
    7. Cardiff first acheived twinning with Nantes? Stuttgart?
    8. We don’t know!
    9. It was Ryan Giggs or Garett Bale.
    10. We don’t know!

    les élèves de 2EEEC.

  2. 5/10: Well done, guys!
    I have a lot of work to do today but I will give you the answers this evening. Promise! Has it been difficult for you to find the answers?
    Valérie xxx

  3. Quiz Answers
    1. There are two possible interpretations of the name Cardiff.
    The first is that, as you said, Cardiff derives from the Welsh « caer », meaning « fort », and « dyf », a form of the name for the River Taff that flows through the city.
    The second interpretation is that the city takes its name from the Roman general Aulus Didius; « Caer Didi », meaning « fort of Didius »
    2. Cardiff became the capital of Wales in 1955, making it one of Europe’s youngest capital cities.
    3. There is a statue of the Welsh freedom fighter Owain Glyndwr (Welsh spelling but you were right) in Cardiff’s City Hall, despite the fact that he razed Cardiff to the ground in 1404.
    4. The Waterfront area known as the Butetown – better known as Tiger bay – was the birthplace in 1937 of the singer Shirley Bassey.
    5. In September 1891, when Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show was staged in Sophia Gardens.
    6. A famous son of Llandaff, just outside Cardiff, was Francis Lewis, who was born there in 1713; he was one of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence.
    7. Cardiff was the first UK city to twin with a city in China (Xiamen).
    8. The visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to the Cardiff Exhibition.
    9. Ryan Giggs who was capped for Wales at the age of 17 years, 321 days.
    10. Top!

    Congratulations, dear students from 2EEEC. Keep going and having fun with English.

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